Smart Home Products are Worth Trying


Popularize the smart home is one of the challenges of large manufacturers during this 2015. The problem is that modernize a house so you can interact with our mobile devices is not yet within reach of all budgets. But not all are impossible capsules oxygen microbubbles bathtubs, furniture harboring small organic gardens for the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits or home automation controllers. There are simple devices that can help us turn our house into a smart home:

Digoo RC-13 Remote Controller

Digoo RC-13 Smart Home RF Wireless Remote Control Socket Power Plug Controller EU US UK AU

This smart remote controlled socket could be controlled via RF, which could make everything convenient. And I bet that it’s really great for the green hands with the smart home systems.

Check Here: Digoo RC-13 Remote Controller

ORVIBO Smart Home Kit

ORVIBO Alarm Mini WiFi Smart Door Window Sensor Home System Remote Control

This is a door sensor that could bring safe and convenient to your home. As long as the door is opened abnormally, the system will alarm you immediately.

Check Here: ORVIBO Smart Home Kit

Broadlink MP1 Power Strip

Broadlink MP1 Smart Home Wifi Timing Plug Power Strip 4 Ports Individual Wireless Remote Control

This is a 4-port power strip, and the 4 sockets on the power strip could be controlled remotely from the smartphone individually.

Check Here: Broadlink MP1 Power Strip

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