Smart Door Window Sensors Secure Your Home and Family


Rising crime rates and home invasions are a growing reality. They seem to have increased substantially in the last few decades leading to an increasing sense of insecurity. Therefore, home security has become the first thing we should attach importance to. Recently, many companies have come up with all kinds of solutions to solve this problem. Among them, using a smart door window sensor is preferred by people. It not only secures your home but also provides the smart home experience for you. Xiaomi door window sensor and Broadlink S1C Wireless Door Sensor are the best options available when it comes to door sensors. Let me make a detailed review of them for you.


The Broadlink S1C Wireless Door Sensor SmartOne Alarm Security Accessory Smart Home System has a motion sensor that sends notifications to you anytime it detects movement. The S1C also has a tamper alarm. Whether you are in your house or not, with this notification you can quickly call the police sparing your home any damage.

Apart from the home security features, the S1C can be connected to your home. It can switch on the light or air conditioner whenever it detects movement. With your smartphone, tablet or computer you can set it to your preference. The battery alarm informs you when it is time to change the battery, so you don’t have to check manually.

Xiaomi Mi Home

The Original Xiaomi mi home Smart Door & Window Sensor Control Smart Home Suit Kit Accessory is a great sensor too. It has a guard mode that will send you a notification if someone attempts to break into your home and record a video. This can be helpful for identification. Apart from this it also has a range of additional features to improve your home.

Apart from turning on the light and air conditioner, this sensor also has a smart alarm that can be used to wake your family up when the door is opened. The sensor is moisture proof so it can be used in humid areas as well.


Smart doors and window sensors are excellent tools to keep your home safe. If you want to know more about these door and window sensors, please go to the Banggood. Lastly, wish you a happy life.



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