Santa Claus and His Presents


The forthcoming December will be the month of sending presents to each other. It doomed to be a bustling month in family life for kids and markets for businessman because of the Christmas.

Christmas Gift CardChristmas Gift Card

Although Christmas customs has spread into all over the world, not all people know the source of Santa Claus. It is said that there will be a mysterious person who enters a house from the chimney at the eve of Christmas, riding a sledge pulled by 12 reindeers. He will drop by every family and send out prepared exquisite Christmas gifts to obedient kids in the stockings. So the naughty kids won’t receive presents from Santa Claus.

Christmas Gift CardChristmas Gift Card

Though no one had ever seen the true picture of Santa Claus, almost all adults would describe the Santa Claus to be an old amiable man who wears a red hat and red cotton padded jacket with white whiskers. Actually the image of Santa Claus can date back to Holland of Quaternary period.

Christmas Gift CardChristmas Gift Card

At that time there was once a person named Nicolas who was a kind bishop and lived in Anatolia. He always sends out presents to the poor of native anonymously. After his death many people began to follow the lead of him to communicate the conception of charity. With time flying by, the tradition has gradually been retained.

Christmas Gift Card

So we can still hear about the story of Santa Claus in Christmas. At the eve of Christmas, parents will prepare many presents to their babies as surprises. Generally kids will send Christmas gift card to each other to express blessings and wishes.

Christmas Gift CardChristmas Gift CardChristmas Gift CardChristmas Gift CardChristmas Gift Card

Of course, the Christmas tree is essential to every family. Besides adults will do some cleaning and decorations at this day to welcome the jubilant festival in bitterly cold winter.

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