SAFEMORE Vertical Power Strip is an Amazing New Arrival


There are more and more electric devices at home, so the power sockets might be not enough. In order to solve this problem, many families will purchase the power strips. The common power strips are somehow not convenient since they do not only take up space but also get tangled up quite easily. Some power strips are said that they have lightning protection, over-voltage protection. However, those power strips can’t automatically cut off power immediately when it’s thundering or the voltage is too high, or at the risk the residual voltage of 350 volts or more. What’s worse, some power strips are claimed that they have automatic electric leakage protection, but the protection is still work on the old mechanical protection design, which is totally out-of-date and not safe enough for daily uses. In view of that, there is no doubt that we are going to show you the power strip from SAFEMORE as one of those smart home products you should have.

Safemore Vertical Power Strip-2

Safemore Vertical Power Strip

Obviously, this one is totally different from the common power strip, which you could tell at the first sight, because this one is a vertical type of power strip. SAFEMORE vertical power strip got innovation not only in appearance, but also in the outlets. It remains the traditional sockets for electric devices like the fan, and vacuum cleaner, and it also has USB ports for devices such as iPhone. Therefore, this vertical power strip can satisfy the general demand for the use of different home appliances, but also to meet the needs of charging mobile phones, cameras, tablet PCs and other digital appliances. I have to admit that this one make life lots of easier.

Safemore Vertical Power Strip

As choosing the electrical products, the most important factor is safety. SAFEMORE power strip with intelligent chip as for control can effectively prevent over-voltage circuit, overload, noise filter in the power supply, and reduce electrical damage. At the same time, when it is lightning, SAFEMORE vertical power strip can effectively prevent lightning damage to electrical appliances. And it is worth trying anyway.

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