Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum cleaner Review: Cleaning just got easier



Roborock S50
House chores especially mopping the wet floor or sweeping dust off the carpet can be a tiring task to undertake. Vacuum cleaners where later introduced to ease the work, but this wasn’t good enough as you also need to be moving this Vacuum cleaners around the areas you want to clean up.
However, all worries of cleaning the floor of the house and the stress of moving a vacuum cleaner about has been taken away by the introduction of Robot vacuum cleaner. The robotic vacuum cleaners are a blessing to the modern age working class people. When a trusted brand Xiaomi sets its foot to the aid of your home cleaning problem, results are expected to be satisfactory.
Today we be reviewing not just any robot vacuum cleaner but the Roborok S50 robot vacuum cleaner.

The Design, features and Performance

Roborock S50
he device weighs around 3.56kg (7.84 pounds). It’s a 6cm tall, 34cm diameter disc shape; with a 2cm height, 7.5cm diameter sensor protruding from the top. Large, buffered wheels allow it to travel over objects up to 2cm in height, so it can easily navigate rugs and slight inclines. The beater bar is a hybrid design with both rubber blades and brushes, enabling it to perform well on both carpets and hard surfaces.
The Xiaomi Roborock S50 as a simple efficient design. The dock charger supplied with the package has also been designed in a sophisticated way. The charger has been made slim. Charging pins have been designed in the front side of the dock and are also made as small contact pins.
The dock has sensors in its front side that can be seen in black in the images, so help the device to find it for charging.
The device has sensors in its body. The top turret on it has a vertical LDS pressure sensor. It has wall sensor in its side. The top surface of the device has three buttons to control it. One is for charging it, one is for spot cleaning mode and the last one is for turning power on and off.
Under the lid of the top surface has now the cleaning mechanism and there is this compartment that contains the objects during vacuum cleaning. The user may easily find back the objects sucked by the cleaner from this spot.

Roborock S50
The front end of the cleaner has this ultrasonic proximity sensor to detect the distance between the cleaner and the objects during cleaning. This sensor uses ultrasonic sound waves to detect the objects. The LDS sensor on the top can move 360 degrees to map the room and the clean-up area from the top of the device.
The left hand side on the bumper of the device is this wall sensor which maintains the distance of the cleaner from the wall at a margin of 10mm. The bumper itself acts as a collision detection sensor, which avoids the collisions with objects and also to reposition the device when necessary.
The bottom of the cleaner has two wheels for lifting and navigation of the device. These wheels can roll on a variety of surfaces as required. The center has the main cleaning brush of the device.

Battery Life
The S50’s whopping 5200mAh battery will, at the lowest setting (which still does a great cleaning job), give you of 2.5 hours of cleaning. I have mine on Turbo – the highest – and it easily gets around my downstairs in around an hour with plenty of juice left.

Roborock S50



Improved power

Now has a mopping functionality

APP feature gives you more control on the areas you want to clean

Larger dust cup capacity than the previous generation

The smartphone app allows remote access

Washable HEPA filter

No virtual wall functionality

No carpet detection for mopping

Roborock S50

For the price tag, this Roborock S50 robot vacuum cleaner is the best deal you can get. With all the functionalities it affords you doing home chores is now fun. Home chores is now more like playing a video game. This home gadget is durable and affordable, so go grab yours.

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