The Review of Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrush


If you’ve been thinking about an electric toothbrush, you’ve likely taken a gander at different brands for the Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrush now and again alluded to as the Sonic Tooth Brush or Sonic Care ToothBrush. However, the cost can be a side road.

Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrush

As somebody who has had a background marked by depressions, root waterways, and periodontal ailment, it has been extremely useful in controlling my dental issues. In any case on the off chance that you have a decent family history of dental checkups, it may not be a need. I have eased that my checkups are substantially shorter since utilizing the sonic toothbrush and I find that the development of plaque is less. It won’t supplant flossing, and I have discovered utilizing the first dental tape by Glide supportive as it is thicker than a portion of the more slender floss available at this point.

Xiaomi Oclean One

With brilliant bristle, Xiaomi sonic toothbrush can brush our teeth clearly when we are using it. Three cleaning modes of cleaning, whiten and massage are available in this toothbrush. When I was using it at the first time, I don’t which mode is suitable for me. But due to the it built-in sensors which can detect your brushing time, angles, pressure and gesture when you connect to APP, I finally get the right one. And it also help form a good habit of brushing teeth.

Xiaomi Oclean One


Since I travel as often as possible, I am satisfied that the battery of this Xiaomi Oclean One toothbrush keeps going longer than unique model since I don’t prefer to go with a charger. I discover it will last around two weeks. I likewise like that there is a slimmer head and that the calculated brush empowers me to get easily to the back teeth. A great many people disregard the molar territories yet this is the place many have issues with pockets because of deficient cleaning procedures. It is additionally essential to supplant the head at regular intervals, and I locate that following a half year the cleanings are not as great if you don’t.

Xiaomi Oclean One

My exclusive feedback is that on the off chance that you don’t unscrew and get out the brush of the sonic toothbrush it will get messy within. As far as microbes I imagine that is essential to do, and it doesn’t appear as watertight as it could be. In any case, this burden far outweighs the advantages as I’ve feared my dental cleanings and if I can avoid future root channels or pits it is an incredible money related reserve funds. Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrush, unlike the  cheap electric toothbrush, still deserves your choice due to its high quality although it is a little bit expensive.

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