Review of Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Xiaomi has poised securities to construct this fabulous Roidmi F8 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Let us not delve into the design. Due to the outstanding designing and structure, it has won the iF award in 2018. Whoever uses Xiaomi Roidmi F8 will be sure to provide the same verdict that the model is highly user-friendly.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8

Specification of Xiaomi Roidmi F8

Outfitted with a motor of 100,000 rpm coupled with a 74 Wh battery, the Xiaomi Roldmi F8 vacuum cleaners have the capacity to work well for nearly 55-minutes. The Xiaomi Cordless Stick Vacuum is undeniably a powerful yet conducive model. The main factor here is that the suction power has its maximum count at 115 watts. But one can be sure that the total consumption of the power does not exceed 415 watts. The battery proceeds with a 10-minute job when the turbo mode is one. Another most important specification of this product is that it is light-weighted. With 1.5 kg tops, you can add the extra weight if you are willing to use the electric brush. If you are cleaning in the evening, the LED backlight will help you to provide the support. None of the tiniest of spaces is left to be cleaned when you are using Xiaomi Roidmi Vacuum Cleaner in-hand.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8

Disadvantages and Tackling it

Unlike the other products, the mutation of the products formulates the use of a 4-level air purification system. Not only this, you will be able to find notifications on the mobile app whenever the filter needs to be changed. You will need to replace the HEPA filter periodically, at the same time, the power and dust level needs to be frequently monitored. Though the phone app notification sums up the solutions to this issue, you will not need to check it manually.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8

Packaging and Add-on

Xiaomi Roldmi F8 comes along with a magnetic mount and two nozzles. There is no support for charging in the dock, which means you need to connect the cable manually. So, if you are looking forward to using an electric brush, you need to order along with it. The product prized $240 is highly competitive in today’s market.

Xiaomi Cordless Stick Vacuum

Overall, the Xiaomi Roldmi F8 vacuum cleaner has been designed in a manner that the user will not really find any loopholes. There will be deriving positive aspects. On the same instance, most of the toughest tasks like frequent monitoring come along with the solutions through the app notification. Rest of the features is productive enough.

No more worrying about the tedious cleaning work anymore. Charge the product for 2.5 hours and clean it once and just tidy. No longer do our homes need to let the bacteria, hair, and mites roll on.

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