A Review of Xiaomi Induction Cooker


Xiaomi Dual Frequency Cooker

Induction cookers are unique in that they heat using electromagnetic energy. Gas and electric cooktops breathe not the exclusive way to cook. Induction cookers have taken a place in the market mastering these advanced changes. They have shown their delicacy and overwhelming nature when it comes to cooking. Xiaomi Induction Cooker, one of the latest designs fulfilling modern advancements has utilized relative smart technologies to facilitate its elegant performance.

Xiaomi Induction Cooker

Xiaomi Dual Frequency Cooker was released to aid in many kitchen activities as well as improve relevant experiences. It has a unique design for fortifying distinct dishes. It comes with well-designed dimensions measuring 280* 265* 70mm weighing approximately 2.1kgs. This cooker is also implemented with a prominent power of 2100 watts that connects to 220 volts networks. Xiaomi Induction Cooker is designed minimally using black and white colors. Trained in a rounded design it makes it distinct from other products furnishing it a more advanced technological and scientific sense.

Xiaomi Dual Frequency Cooker

Xiaomi Dual Frequency Cooker is simplified in all ways to ensure that kitchen experiences are enhanced. Most reviews have termed it being a clever cooker. Other features such as thickened visual tempered glass lid make it unique. This lid is integrated into an effective anti-overflow air outlet design. An absolute feature that enhances the micro pressure makes better tastes. At this point, there are over 99 power adjustment features in this design. It enables proper firepower adjustments in accordance with the cooking needs. This ensures that food freshness and other ingredients are undamaged. People want to ensure that they naturally cook tasty foods without any cooker alternates. Xiaomi Dual Frequency Cooker also comes with an intelligent heat regulation and an external temperature probe. It is a distinct feature that ensures that temperatures of the pot body are regulated.

Xiaomi Dual Frequency Cooker


Xiaomi Dual Frequency Cooker has provided relative new induction cooking technologies. It’s a new product with new capabilities that every person is worth trying. Its price is also appealing starting from $119.99. Overall, it has been designed for unique users. When selecting the precise amount of heat, it is serene to set a right cooking time. An APP control feature is fitted to allow remote cooking.

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