The Review of Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer


Xiaomi is a reputable Chinese high tech brand that keeps offering well designed and well built gadgets. The company is already well known for its tablets, smartphones and Domotics items. A new cool product, Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer has been launched by the company.

Xiaomi iHealth ThermometerThe Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer is an infrared device that allows measuring the temperature without touch and very fast. The high-tech gadget comes with a well-readable LED display and in a beautiful design. From the glass mercury thermometers of the past that were uncomfortable and awkward to use to the Xiaomi LED Thermometer, reading temperature has become much easier.

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer

The contactless Xiaomi iHealth Body Thermometer is better than an ear thermometer for several reasons. Ear thermometers may transfer from person to person some infection diseases, while Xiaomi’s contactless thermometer prevents cross infection.

Xiaomi LED Thermometer

The Xiaomi iHealth’s IR sensor is a German high precision made by the prestigioud Heimann brand. This sensor is highly accurate and working very fast, being able to read the temperature in less than a second. The sensor uses ambient temperature compensation and distance sensors in order to provide a higher degree of accuracy. Heimann sensors are usually used in devices for industrial class measurements used in areas such as gas analysis and remote temperature measurement.

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer


The thermometer comes with a stylish and ergonomic design. At the center is located only a single large button that makes it really easy to use. Right above the button is placed a large LED display that shows the temperature. The display can be seen easily even in the dark, as it lights up. The device’s design aims to provide a product that is easy to operate.

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer


The Xiaomi iHealth is so easy to operate that even a child can manage it. All you have to do is to press the button under the screen after pointing the gadget at the center of your forehead. The thermometer vibrates while measuring the temperature. In order to make the measurement it is no need that the thermometer enters in contact with your skin. The device is powered by 2 AAA batteries that last for around 3000 measurements. The accuracy of the temperature measurement is ± 0.1.

Xiaomi iHealth Body Thermometer


The iHealth thermometer is a new product of the high tech Chinese brand Xiaomi. The contactless thermometer is based on infrared sensors. The high-tech gadget comes with an ergonomic and stylish design. Being prices at only $29.23, the Xiaomi iHealth thermometer comes with an affordable price. We highly recommend this well designed and useful product. Do not hesitate to order yours today!



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