Review of Xiaomi Heating Toilet Seat


Xiaomi deals with the production of various categories of gadgets and accessories such as laptop, cameras, smartphone, glasses, plates, towels quilts amongst others. Recently, the company launches an interesting device for daily use in addition to technology; Xiaomi Heating Toilet Seat, a perfect hygiene solution for every home.

Xiaomi Heating Toilet Seat

This seat comes with a user-friendly control panel and a technologically advanced device, perfect to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in every toilet. A toilet is a place meant to be maintained to prevent bacterial infection.

This exciting product is structured in form of a standard bowl. For the bowl to function it must be connected electrically and its power consumption can go up to a maximum level of 1500w. It has a remote control placed on the right side this control give you an easy access to activate the device.

 Xiaomi Heating Toilet Seat

Xiaomi toilet seat has a small jet of water located at the back that will clean you more easily. It comes with dimension 47.00 X51.80 X 14.00cm or 53.00 X 55.00 X 20.00 cm and a weight of 3800kg or 5,500kg. Its size can be adjusted as it should be and the weight is irrelevant as it will remain in the same spot once it’s installed.

Xiaomi Toilet Seat

It comes with a massage function you can use to relieve yourself in case of pain. You can choose to regulate the temperature of the water or adjust the jet pressure. In addition, the flap closes without any sound and has a smart heating system. Though the language is in Chinese, unless you understand the language, you will have to learn by trial and error.

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The Xiaomi heating toilet seat comes with a long list of features that give it a distinct and unique standard compare to the common and wild variety of toilet seat. Some of its distinct features:

  • It has a mouthpiece located in the middle part of the toilet seat, the mouthpiece performs the function of cleaning the private part at the same time massage by inserting cold and hot water.
  • The seat has four different types of temperature you can adjust to your taste
  • The mouthpiece can be done in a linear and diffuse way.
  • It stabilizes the water temperature when it might be disposed of after a long time
  • The seat comes with a sensor that detects when someone feels like regulating the temperature

Xiaomi Toilet Seat

Xiaomi heating toilet seat has an IPX4 waterproof body that prevents water enters the control panel. In case of electrical leakage, the emergency auto shutdown powers up the unit. So it will one of the wonderful bathroom gadgets which are safer for homes, hotels or offices.

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