The Review of Xiaomi Door Sensor


Home and automation are currently two in one. Nobody is willing to give technology pace by ensuring that the latest devices are incorporated in home designs. It is for this reason that people consider integrating them on doors and windows. As in the case of these gadgets many know about voice control ones and button-controlled door controllers. However, there are new arrivals that use the sensor technology that include the Xiaomi door sensor. It comes along with a full kit that entails a couple of things so you can get a kit to achieve a smart home. In the following, I will share the review of the Xiaomi door sensor.

xiaomi door sensor

Design of the Xiaomi Door Sensor

At a basic level, the door sensor is of straightforward design. Nevertheless, this is not enough to make it an inferior product. More precisely, it is tiny and made up of a plastic casing. The design is a step ahead of time that you could even set alarms that sends you a notification if it senses any activity within its vicinity. About the color, it is a pure white one with a mass of approximately 80g. The simplicity does not end here with its exact height of below 5 cm. That said its design is primarily this simple to take automation to another level.

xiaomi door sensor

Features of the Xiaomi Door Sensor

It is no doubt that the sensor enjoys a wide range of unique features. Among the striking ones is the presence of a battery with a working life of around two years. On the same note, it is also a replaceable one. Beyond this, it also connects and works collectively with many other automated Xiaomi home products. More often than not, the products that it merges will also feature a built-in speaker and a LED light that mostly is RGB. The sensor also comes along with a smart wireless switch that is simple to use.

xiaomi door sensor

Advantages of Xiaomi Door Sensor

The benefits of the sensor are innumerable considering the various features and specialties. First, the mundane reality is that it is flexible due to its ability to link up with other smart home devices. Another irresistible pro is the perfect sense technology that it encompasses with a capability of sensing activities beyond the reasonable distance. The configuration of this device is another added advantage. It is effortless and diverse that one could opt to select an alarm. Additionally, it has a smart door opening capability.


xiaomi door sensor

How to Connect the Sensor

The connection of the Xiaomi Door Sensor is a simplified carryout that equates to that of setting up a button. When using a gateway try to press the button for around three times. After this, it will now prompt you to configure your sensor. With the use of a pin or something like a sim card try pushing it inside the hole beneath it, and it should now be working.



The experience of the door sensor is satisfactory. In fact, it all starts during purchase when one realizes how cheap it is to automate your home. To avoid being skeptical about the idea of having Xiaomi Door Sensor it is right to try it out before it is too late.

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