Review of the Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway


It has been said that smart home system could make our home and our life smarter. And there are many people that have been used some smart home products at home, such as smart home sockets, smart home security cameras, and even smart home temperature sensors. In my opinion, as for people who are new to the smart home system, smart home sockets would be a better choice than other smart home products. However, if you have used other smart home products before, you would know that a smart home gateway for the smart home system is quite important. In view of that, here is the Xiaomi smart home gateway, which is suitable for those people who are familiar with the smart home system and would love to make their home more smart and convenient.




As most of the smart home products from Xiaomi, this one is also minimalism in solid white, which can fit your home in the modern style perfectly. Since we would prefer keeping the walls of our home in white, this Xiaomi smart home gateway in white could be plugged in wherever you want without being bizarre.


As a smart home gateway, this one must work with other smart home products or devices, like smart door sensor, and smart temperature sensor. It’s kind of easy to start using this one because what you need to do is plug it in, connect it to your smartphone and set up other smart home devices. Different from other smart home products, this one features with ZigBee technology, which is a protocol for communication among devices used for home automation wirelessly. Compared with WiFi, ZigBee seems to be ideal for smart home since it’s more reliable, and low-power.


Aside from taking advantage of ZigBee technology, this one from Xiaomi is much more than just a smart home gateway since it has many other functions that are beyond your imagination. It features a built-in speaker and it could support the online radio, so you could turn it on as a radio. After connecting with the APP and setting, you could turn it into a smart alarm as well. It could not only make a sound but also glow in the dark with 16 million changeable colors. As the light will turn on automatically when people pass by, this might be much better than a night light in your bedroom or nursery.

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Hi Vicky, Thanks for your article. I am in Canada, can I use Xiaomi Smart Home Kit including the Yi Camera? Thanks