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I had been really frustrated to find out that my indoor plants keep dying, and I couldn’t figure it out. And I think there are many people who would have the same problem. To be honest, I had grown cactus, which are said to be the plant that is really easy to maintain. However, my cactus died eventually due to the over-fertilization of soils. I had once thought that I was really bad at growing indoor plant before I got the Xiaomi Plant Tester, which does give me a lot of helps.

smart home products

What is Xiaomi?

Have you ever heard of Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company? Most of us are familiar with some of its electronic products and devices, for example, smartphones and smart bracelets. However, Xiaomi has been expanded into developing a wider range of electronic devices, including the smart home system. As far as I am concerned, it does a great job at the smart home system.

smart home system

smart home system

The Exterior

The exterior of Xiaomi plant tester is simple and small in white and black. It’s only 12cm long, and it’s totally divided into two parts. The top part of the device in solid white could test the present light intensity and temperature of the surrounding, and the rest metal part of the device in black could test the moisture and fertility of the soil. As the moisture, fertility, temperature, and lighting are significant to grow plants, the Xiaomi plant tester could be a great assistant.

Xiaomi Flower Plant Tester

Xiaomi Flower Plant Tester

smart home products

How to Use

This small device is battery-operated, so I found a small button cell inside the top part to make it work. After I got the battery pat down, I stuck it into the soil. As one of those smart home products, I had to down load the specific App to get started. To my surprise, the App is a little bit cute with its cartoon design, and the App does bring me good mood somehow. In the App, I could also choose the plant that I got in the flower pot, and there are needs of this kind of plant which have been shown on my smartphone. What’s more, there are more than 3000 kinds of plants you could choose and more than 900 tips to grow your plants. Once you connect the smart device with your smartphone, you could check to see if your plant is in proper environment.

smart home system

In short, this device is worth trying somehow.

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You spaek about an APP. this App is available for android phone? which kind of android? Can you give the the link to download the app?

thank you

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