Review of Electric Toothbrush from Xiaomi


Xiaomi has not only produced smartphone at reasonable price but also provide you excellent smart home products. And, recently, it has shown us a brand new product, Xiaomi Soocare X3, which is an electric toothbrush in white as Xiaomi’s previous products. And I have got this one just a few days ago. Actually, I have been using the Philips HX9332 before I got this one. So, it’s better for me to compare these two toothbrushes for you.

xiaomi toothbrush

Speaking of the exterior of these toothbrushes, I think somehow Xiaomi has taken a cue from Philips toothbrushes as designing its own toothbrush, because they do look similar at the first sight. However, the one from Philips is made of ceramic, which amazed me as touch it for the first time. As far as I am concerned, as a product that is sold 70 dollars, Xiaomi electric toothbrush does look better than I have ever imagined.

After trying this one, it does amaze me with the cleaning experience. There are also some modes for you to choose, and I have found it cleaning thoroughly and gently, which might be a little bit better for beginner. As I began to use the Sonicare, I find it super uncontrollable. I have spend  time on getting used to the Sonicare HX9332 on toothbrush holder, which might also means that HX9332 will do the cleaning better.

As a product that is only 70 dollars, it’s reasonable for teenagers and who would like to have a try on electric toothbrush. Although its texture and functions are not as great as the HX9332, it does have a wonderful price-performance ratio for you.

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Hi Vicky! Thanks for the review. Do you know if the Sonicare brushes fit on the Soocas body?


do the sonicare brush heads work on the xiaomi soocare x3 ?