The Review of Manual Espresso Maker


 Manual Espresso Maker

With the popularity of coffee, it has become a more and more important part in our daily life. Drinking coffee is not only a behavior of food culture but also a behavior of social culture. Whether at work or at leisure, people never forget to have a cup of coffee,which has become a kind of living habit, and even a kind of life style. Therefore, for people who love drinking coffee, how they can have a cup of coffee everywhere at any time is very important. Luckily, the emerging of manual coffee machine solve this problem and satisfy their need of coffee drinking.

Recently, manual coffee named Manual Espresso Maker has been released to the public. Let me make a comprehensive review on it.

 Manual Espresso Maker

  1. Design

It is designed to have a fashionable look. Premium stainless steel coffee grinder is the expression of modern style and the coffee maker is black,which looks high-end and fashionable. That is why I love it. What’s more. It will be sent in a exquisite and elegant gift package so it will be suitable for you to give it as a gift to you friends or relatives who love coffee.

Apart from it, it is made from BPA free, which is food grade materials & LFGB certified. So it is very safe for you to use it.


  1. Lightweight and Mini size

Espresso maker weigh 380, while the coffee bean grinder weigh 265g. So although you take them to anywhere, you will not feel it is heavy. Besides, its mini size makes it portable and convenient to carry to outdoor by putting in your backpack.

Manual Espresso Maker

  1. Hand operated

The espresso maker and the grinder are hand operated. So it overcomes the loophole of incapability of making coffee in the situation of no powers. Because of that, it is very suitable for you to take them when camping, hiking , backpacking or outdoor trip.

 Manual Espresso Maker

  1. Flavor remains contact.

The coffee grinder is equipped with polished stainless steel grinder with ceramic interior blade, which can avoid the situation of changing the flavor of coffee because it reduce the heat generated when grinding. Furthermore, it will not rust. Conveniently, its interior can be removed and cleaned easily.

 Manual Espresso Maker

  1. Adjustable grinding roughness.

With compatible design, it has an adjustable grinding roughness to meet your preference. It can provide you with three different levels of grinding including a a medium grind for drip coffee, a fine grind for espresso and coarse grind for French press.

 Manual Espresso Maker

  1. Easy to use

The first time when I use it, I learned it fast. And I also learned how to make espresso with crema by using the Manual Espresso Maker. Actually , it is also very easy to brew a shot in only a few seconds. Firstly, you should add hot water and then put ground coffee powder. Secondly, you need to pump it almost 8 bars pressure. Finally you can get delicious espresso.

 Manual Espresso Maker








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