Review of KCASA UB-1 Umbrella-No longer afraid the rainy day


Umbrella is one of the necessities in our life. Except the function for rainy day or sunny day, sometimes it can be the weapon of defensive guards. In Britain, the umbrella is not only a tool of shade and shelter, but also a symbol of identity.

Here I’ll recommend the most creative umbrella in the world for you:
KCASA UB-1 Umbrella is a creative umbrella which is reverse folding and has double layers waterproof fabric. The umbrella has two styles, one is J-Handle, and another one is C-Handle. It’s much more windproof and strong to withstand stormy weather with the double layers. Designed by J and C shape handle, it can be carried conveniently and use comfortably.

1. Creative self-standing umbrella-you can just put the umbrella on the floor after you had closed it.

2. One key switch (open-and-close freely), the rainwater can be collected into the umbrella that will not moisten your car.

3. C-handle can help you release your hand to play the phone when you wait the car.

If you don’t want the single color of the umbrella, you can choose flower umbrella- KCASA UB-2 Reverse Umbrella.

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