The Review of KCASA Kitchen Knife


Coming back home at the end of a long day, sometimes you find your cooking tools not in working well. This is a feeling we all know too well, but luckily the clever people at KCASA have come up with a solution: KCASA kitchen knife. With this tungsten carbide kitchen knife sharpener, you can be sure that never again will you need to take your precious time to spend countless hours trying to sharpen those knives to cook a delicious, hearty meal.

KCASA Knife Sharpener

Suitable for all knives, the KCASA Kitchen Knife Sharpener will work for serrated, beveled and standard blades. Turn your kitchen into a restaurant and groom that knife as sharp as you would dress for a special occasion. Slice into the thickest cut of juicy meat with ease. Made from solid stainless steel, and ultra-hard spring bars made from premium grade Austrian material, this product will be a handy addition to the kitchen and will act as a decorative piece when not in use.

 KCASA Knife Sharpener

How to use

Using the KCASA Knife Sharpener is as easy as your morning routine. There are different methods of sharpening, but of course, it all depends on which blade you are using.

For fine sharpening simply move the knife in a straight motion towards from the handle to the tip. If you require a coarse sharpen, run the knife in a downward motion from the tip through to the handle. Keeping your knives shiny and of chef-quality, just run the knife from tip to handle, and make sure it is held in an equal position.

KCASA Knife Sharpener

If you have a single-bevel blade, insert the knife between the sharpener, place in a slightly right position and run the knife in and out from tip to handle. For serrated edges, sharpen in the same motion as the single-bevel blade, except turn to a slight left.


This knife is everything the master chef needs when preparing robust and nourishing home-cooked meal, all whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and modern kitchen.

KCASA Knife Sharpener

There is no better feeling than being able to accomplish something on the first go. Let’s be honest, and the ingenious crew at KCASA have come up with a solution to all your kitchen woes. This product that is perfect for any kitchen has been cleverly designed to fit into any cooking space. So grab a KCASA Kitchen Knife Sharpener today and see for yourself how much easier you can make your life.




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