The Review of KCASA KC-FPM18 Kitchen Food Processor


As a housewife, I deeply experience the fact that I have to process many kind of foods by cutting, grinding and chopping with the knife every day in order to cook delicious food for my little children and my dear husband. I think most of us will suffer a lot from such kind of problem every day if we do not have a food processor. Recently, my friend send me a multifunctional food processor- KCASA KC-FPM18 Multi-function Kitchen Manual Food Processor, which I think it is a good helper for me to deal with my daily food processing work. So today I want to make a detailed review on it, with my hope that everyone can benefit from it.

 kitchen food processorKCASA KC-FPM18 kitchen food processor

  1. Multifunctional

As a kitchen food processor, KCASA KC-FPM18 can deal with various kinds of food processing work including grinding meat, cutting vegetables, making juice as well as blending egg. So it can save your much of time that you spend in processing food. With this kitchen food processor, I have made delicious hamburgers, juicy sausages and tacos for my dear families. Apart from raw food processing, I find that it can also process cooked meats. Meanwhile, large accommodation allows us to process plenty of food so you can finish processing food at one time. With it, I find my kitchen work much easier and more convenient.

 kitchen food processor

  1. High-quality and safe

It is made of durable plastic and stainless steel so it is given high resistance to breaking, scratching or rusting. Its grade PC materials are very safe for you to use,which even allows you to process baby’s food. There, you do not need excessive worry about it will bring harm to your family.

 kitchen food processor

  1. Large suction cup base design

Most of us will suffer the troubled fact that the food processor will move itself easily when we use it to deal with food. It is fortunate that KCASA KC-FPM18 kitchen food processor have fix this bug by adding a large suction cup base to the bottom of the food processor so you can keep you away from such kind of trouble with it.

 kitchen food processor

  1. Easy to clean and store

Due to the simple structure design, all its parts can be taken part easily and assembled easily. So you can clean it easily by taking it apart. Besides , compact size make its storage easier because it will take up too much space in your kitchen.

 kitchen food processor

  1. Safe and easy to operate

Handle design keep your finger away from the grinding blade so you do not need to worry that it will hurt you. Beside, it is easy for you to operate it by just putting food into it and moving the handle. So, even the old and children can learn how to use it.

 kitchen food processor




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