The Review of Inkbird ITC-1000 Temperature Controller


Thermostats are one of those essential things, especially in the North American region without which a house is not considered complete. Thermostats, found in almost all electronic devices which are supposed to maintain temperature, with common kitchen examples being the Oven, microwave, and the refrigerator. They are used in other home appliances as well, for instance, the Air conditioners and the heaters. With the technology advancing and electronic appliances reaching a record high, it is time for digital thermostats with smart control.

 Inkbird ITC-1000

Inkbird is one of those thermostats which has revolutionized the entire home appliances. It has produced several brilliant models including ITC-308, which was a plug and play thermostat with a dual relay. And now with the introduction of Inkbird ITC-1000 is has moved a step further.

With a brilliant invention of 2 stage temperature controller, the Inkbird ITC-1000 can heat and cool at the same time using the two different sides. With a small power consumption of 3W, this device has two relays with an easy to connect option. Made up of a very lightweight material this device only weighs about 7-8 ounces at an extremely affordable price of $15.99. Some users claimed that the instruction was hard to understand, to which the producers replied that once you understand the instructions it become really easy to use the product.

 Inkbird ITC-1000

Counting from personal experience, this device is amongst the best available online products and does the work perfectly. With a very well programmed design, the device can be set up pretty easily and work best under any circumstances. Although the product is lightweight, the energy consumption is not as low as mentioned but it is not high enough to be a concern.

 Inkbird ITC-1000

The only big concern for this device may be that it might not be used for a long span of time as it does stop working or provide wrong readings after some time but almost every device is expected to be worn out or outdated at some time and this can also be the cause for this Inkbird Model.

 Inkbird ITC-1000

It is hard to believe a product of such low price can provide such high quality. It has risen the game of thermostats and before there are even more new innovations this product will possibly remain a top of the market. Inkbird is expected to deliver some new important products in the coming future and let’s hope the quality of those products is the same as this one.


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