The Review of DIGOO DG-YS11 Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Bad breath can embarrass you amidst your friends, it will deny you the freedom of laughing loud when something funny is prickling you. Save yourself from the bad breath and whiten your teeth with this amazing sonic electronic toothbrush that is really easy to use.

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Top features

  • Sonic Vibration cleaning
  • High-speed vibration frequency
  • Two replaceable toothbrush head
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • Two minutes intelligent timer
  • 5 brush modes (sensitive care, clean, white, soft massage, and polish)
  • Operating mode: power on/ shutdown/ function selection
  • Working voltage 3.7V DC
  • Output power 1.4W
  • Charging input voltage 5V 1A/500mA
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Charging time 8 hours

Sonic Electric Toothbrush



  • Removes stains in two minutes
  • Extra gentle to for sensitive gums and teeth
  • Convenient USB Charging Base
  • The Intelligent timer helps you develop the good brushing habit.
  • 30 seconds smart pause. Pause for cleaning four areas thoroughly

 Sonic Electric Toothbrush


DIGOO DG-YS11 Sonic Electric Toothbrush has up to more than 31,000 strokes per minute. The dynamic fluid action helps you clean between the tooth and also along the gum lines. Its smart timer allows two minutes of brushing just as recommended by the dentists. The brush pauses automatically after every 30 seconds to remind you to switch the brushing areas like left down jaw, right and so on and so forth. The device stops automatically after brushing for two minutes.

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The handle which is IPX7 waterproof is designed in a way that makes it electronically safe to be used in a bathroom. It’s user-friendly. The device can remember the last used mode and resumes from the last mode when being used again. You can then shift from one mode to another by pressing the switch mode within five seconds.

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

There are five oral care needs of the teeth and so this device offers you all these five modes to give you the best services. The five different modes include clean, sensitive, massage, white and polish. These five different modes operates as follows;

Clean. In this mode, the head swings in high frequency and remove tarter and bacteria from the teeth.

White. AT this mode, the clean and polish modes switch continuously to whiten the teeth.

Sensitive. This mode cares for your sensitive teeth and gums and operates in a gentle frequency.

Polish. This mode operates on high strength and high frequency to polish and brighten your teeth.

Massage. As the name suggests, at this mode the device massages your teeth and gums in an extremely gentle frequency.

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