A Review of Digoo DG-SD10 Doorbell


In widely constructed and extensive houses, there is need to have a doorbell. Doorbells are mostly placed on doors and house entrances. They are conveniently placed so as to give visitors a stress-free entrance. Apart from alerting you to a visitor who requires your attention, doorbells also help in decorating and beautifying the entrance. Doorbells are also used to call to action especially when they are used in social areas such as churches. However, with many kinds of doorbells, what makes a good one? You may want to consider the type and number of ringtones, power usage and the ease of use. That is why in this article we seek to focus on Digoo DG-SD10’s features and show you why it is worth trying.


Digoo DG-SD10 is a self-powered and waterproof doorbell. It has 58 melodies to choose from. One can do away with single monotonous sound by trying this doorbell that has fifty-eight melodies. Digoo DG-SD10 comes with a volume adjustment capability of up to four levels. You are able to set the pitch at which you want the doorbell to alert every time you have a visitor.


It has no batteries. What this means is that the doorbell is self-powered. When it is pressed by a finger, it converts that energy into electricity that is then used to transmit the wireless signal. This saves you time and resources.


The bell is highly reliable and durable. Durable in the sense that even when it falls in water, it will not be damaged – thanks to its IP44 waterproof capability. It is also made of a strong material, making it resistant to falling breakages. It gives you a long time use of at least 10 years.


Another of the things that are worth mentioning about the Digoo DG-SD10 is its easiness of use. By just a swipe of a finger, you are able to select or chose what you like. If it’s the volume function, just slide from volume to music to adjust the volume. The maximum volume can be up to 105dB. If it’s the music option, just slide from music to volume to have a selection of 58 HiFi music options. Digoo DG-SD10 has a powerful transmitter with a strong signal receiving and penetrating power. In an open area, it can transmit the signal up to 180 meters.


You definitely want an effective and efficient doorbell that does not require battery replacement now and then. You also want a doorbell that is customizable – from volume, melodies to signal transmission. When these things are your main consideration, then Digoo DG-SD10 is the ultimate choice. s

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