The Review of Digoo DG-M1Z


Digoo DG-M1Z

Since the release of Digoo electric toothbrush comparable with Xiaomi’s, Digoo provides a wonderful IP Camera for you again, which allows you to have a deep idea of smart home. Digoo DG-M1Z leads you to the wonderful visual experience with its high-end equipment. Now, let me show it to you in detail.

  1. High-end lens

Lens determine the sensor’s amount of light. The higher the pixel lens, the more light transmission and the image is closer to the real. Digoo DG-M1Z provides you with 5.0MP lens, which achieve the highest end level among this industry, allow you to have a luxury visual experience of 1080p.

Digoo DG-M1Z

  1. 2.0 MP Sensor

Digoo DG-M1Z is specially designed with 2.0 MP Sensor, which is better than 1MP sensors generally provided on the market. Generally speaking, the higher the pixel sensor, the higher the image quality. So, Digoo DG-M1Z can be able to promise you a good image quality, letting you see the most clear image.

Digoo DG-M1Z

  1. 11pcs powerful IR LED and 2.8mm Super Wide Angle Lens

Digoo DG-M1Z is equipped with the second generation IR LED which fixed the bugs of incapability of opening IR LED at light. Now, the Digoo DG-M1Z with 3.11pcs powerful IR LED can easily make a perfect night vision for you. So, you can see your home motion even at night when you aren’t at home.

3.6mm lens’s angle is too narrow for observation to your home and 2.8mm lens’s angle is suitable. The Digoo DG-M1Z with 2.8mm super wide angle lens 3.6mm is able to allow you to detect the motion of your whole house, making nothing hide before the lens even little insects.

Digoo DG-M1Z

  1. PTZ control

PTZ Control can allow you to detect the motion of your house whenever and where you are so you can deal with all the things in your DigooEye.






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