The Review of Digoo BB-M1 IP Camera Review


Thanks to technology, now we can remotely keep an eye on a distant location. Yes, we are talking about the security camera. However, the advancement of technology also frustrates you by bringing you different options on the IP camera market when you are selecting one for your family. You can choose based on your need. But there are some products only which fit universally in all aspects of requirements. It is good if you are able to get a camera which works as a baby monitor, and works as well as the home security camera. Isn’t it like “Icing on the Cake”. Here we are going to tell you about the security camera that has multiple features. The Camera we are talking about is Digoo BB-M1 IP Camera.

Digoo Wifi 720p

The product is designed beautifully in black and white color. For turning it on, all you need to do is to connect it with a USB cable. This is the smallest IP monitor in the world ever. After turning it on, you need to connect it to your smartphone. For connecting the camera to the smartphone, you need to download the application 360Eye. This application is available at google play store or Apple Store.

 Digoo Wifi 720P

After connecting it to the smartphone, you can monitor almost every angle of the room. Because of the angle of rotation is 355 degree. You can move the camera remotely with the smartphone. Thus it gives the detailed view of the baby activity and surrounding as well.

 Digoo Wifi 720P

With this camera, you can talk to the child with your phone. If the baby wakes up at night and you want to make him feel your presence then you can sing a song from your phone. This is helpful in those cases when the baby is with the babysitter and you are unable to reach.

 Digoo Wifi 720P

With this camera, you can monitor the baby, which helps you to know better about the baby. Because of the presence of a memory card slot in camera, you can record each movement. A memory card of 64 GB is enough to record all the activities up to 30 days.

 Digoo Wifi 720P

You can select the video quality i.e. HD/SD. In whichever you want to record or monitor. It also detects any abnormal movements in the picture with its Digoo Wifi 720P camera it is continuously recording and sound the security alarm also. Digital zoom is 4X and night vision is switched automatically with the help of the sensor.

 Digoo Wifi 720P

This is the best camera ever for security purposes and monitoring the baby, elder, and home. This camera also keeps a proof and send you alert of any abnormal activity happened at the location. With such a low price and so many features, this product is irresistible.

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