The Review of Broadlink S1C Alarm Kit


Whether you own a business premise, stay in an apartment or are a homeowner, taking care of your property and family is imperative. There have been several technologies and home security systems that have been trusted in homes across the world over the years to beef-up security. Burglar-proofing your home is very crucial, and it is now easier and faster to achieve a safe home thanks to the legion of technological advances, especially in the home security business. The BroadLink S1C Alarm Kit is one such security system, and we shall see why, in this article.


The BroadLink S1C Alarm Kit is one of its kind. It is equipped with the latest home security technology to give you the power to control the safety of your home and business premise at your convenience. It consists of the SmartOne, Door Sensor, Motion Sensor (PIR) and Key Fob Remote Control which we shall look at briefly.broadlink

  • SmartOne

This is the host component of the BroadLink S1C Alarm Kit. The SmartOne monitors your home environment and receives a signal from the other linked sensors, in the event of any sudden and unusual movement. The SmartOne then sends a notification to you or activates other tethered devices. The system adjusts to your daily pattern and provides recommendations to improve your smart home experience.


  • Door Sensor

The door sensor is tailor-made to detect when your doors and windows are opened, closed or even shattered. You can further improve its functioning by prompting it to set off other connected smart devices when such motion is registered.


  • Motion Sensor (PIR)

The motion sensor can be conveniently placed in the crucial areas’ of your home or premise, and you will receive a notification on the BroadLink S1C Alarm Kit App when your security has been breached.


  • Key Fob Remote Control

The Key Fob Remote Control system enables you to control your BroadLink S1C Alarm Kit at your convenience. You can choose to fully-arm the system by activating all sensors, you can partially arm by activating only a few sensors, or you can fully disarm the system. You can also send emergency messages to the police or the BroadLink security services.


The BroadLink S1C Alarm Kit is arguably one of the best security systems in the current market. It allows you to take charge of your home security at your convenience. It is a thorough and well-devised system that every homeowner should have.



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