Review of Broadlink RM Pro Smart Remote Universal Controller


We live in an age where everything is connected. Not just online but in the home too. Our TV boxes are able to beam signals to each room. Our computers, laptops, tablets, and phones are all connected. All this to make life easier. But now you can connect much more. Your lighting system, your refrigerator, washing machine, heating, even your motorized curtains can all be connected and controlled from one central point. How? With the Broadlink RM Pro Smart Universal Controller.


Imagine. The day has started off reasonably warm but has gradually become colder. You’ve not put the heating on and you don’t like going home to a cold house. The old-fashioned way is to go home, set the heating and leave again. Not so with the Broadlink Smart Controller. You can put your heating on through an app on your phone. How cool is that?


The Broadlink RM Pro Universal Controller does exactly as its name suggests. It can universally control all devices and appliances connected to it through your Wi-Fi network. The box does all the work and you connect to the box through your phone. It can connect to TVs and set-top boxes, air conditioning, heating systems, motorized curtains and internet-enabled home appliances. For example,  if you are away on holiday and want the neighbors to believe you are not away, you can your mobile phone you can switch on and off home lights (as long as they are connected to your network). You can switch on and off your TV to give the illusion you are there.


The Controller uses an RF remote control set to 315/433 MHz providing a stable and secure connection. Implemented with Smart Sensor IFTTT interaction it allows you to set parameters on what you want to control. For example, if a door sensor is activated you can set the Broadlink RM Pro to switch on a light. If heating rises to a specific temperature you can set the Controller to then switch on air conditioning.


As it uses an app on your phone to control your devices, Broadlink has introduced a system where all your setting are saved in the cloud. That means any phone connected securely through the app can control your devices and appliances. It is simple to set up on your phone with a three-step process. Scan the code to download the app, connect the Broadlink controller to power, and enter a password on the app. It needs Android 4.0 and iOS 7.0 and above to work.


As our homes become smarter, with all these devices working together, we need a smart, intelligent controller to bring them all together. The Broadlink RM Pro Universal Controller does just that.


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