How to Repel Animals and Insects in Your Garden?


Planting and maintaining a garden at home is a rewarding and exciting hobby. However, it does not always come without its own challenges since many animals and pests will always be as eager to enjoy your hard work as you are. This means a lot must be done to keep these insects and animals out of your garden. Doing this can be challenging since these insects and animals are very persistent. Some of the common animals include rats, moles, squirrels, rabbits and mice and common insects including moths, mites, thrips, and whiteflies. This article highlights some of the methods that you can use to keep your garden free of insects and animals in order to achieve higher yields.

Digoo DG-AR01

Eradication by using baits. There are several poisonous baits that can be effective in eradicating some pests. Some of these baits include smoke bombs and scissor traps. Always remember to ensure that the baits you use are not dangerous to your pets at home.

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Another method of repelling animals and insects in your garden is the use of scent repellants such as castor oil, garlic clips and predator urine. This can be an effective temporary solution but they need to be monitored and reapplied regularly in order for them to remain effective. The use of products with hot pepper can help deter rabbits and squirrels. Some types of plants such as castor beans can be used to reel rodents so you might consider planting them among your other plants in the garden.

Digoo DG-AR01

It is highly recommended that you use ultrasonic animal and insect repellers such as Digoo DG-AR01 ultrasonic animal repeller which is very effective in your home garden. Digoo DG-AR01 is designed in a unique way to keep of various insects and animals like rodents, rabbits, and birds from your garden. It has a hundred degrees angle real-time monitoring with an infrared sensor to detect motion making it easy to know when these animals invade your home, an LED light to make it effective even at night and an ultrasonic speaker.

Digoo DG-AR01

Other repellants that are similar to Digoo DG-AR01 include motion activated water sprayers and visual scare devices such as reflector tapes.

Digoo DG-AR01

You can also consider using live traps to keep these animals and insects from your garden. These traps are mostly made from steel wire mesh and have a spring controlled door that closes whenever an animal enters into the trap, therefore, locking them inside. These traps are effective in trapping squirrels, rabbits, and woodchucks. You can consider using any of these methods to repel all insects and animals from your garden.


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