How to Remove Pet Hair at Home?


It is a natural process for Pets to shed their hair. Scientists say that animals shed their hair naturally to remove the old and damaged hair and replace it with the new one. Hair has a lot of importance for the protection of the skin to the regulation of our pet’s body temperature. If you have dogs or cats, their hair sticks very tightly to leather furniture which is usually very expensive, carpets, and clothes and to the animals themselves. Sometimes this can be very frustrating although we all love our pets. To get rid of pet hair, one needs to use the right brush to clean the hair from pets, a soft cotton cloth to clean from furniture, or simply a smart vacuum cleaner for carpeting and floors.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner


How to remove pet hair at home

Pet Hair from Furniture

Use a soft cotton cloth sprayed with an anti-static spray to remove the pet hair from wooden furniture. The spray eliminates the electrostatic charges that make the hair stick on the surfaces. This makes the removal easier and reduces the likelihood that hair will stick to the surfaces again. From upholstered surfaces, use a pair of rubber gloves and dampen them slightly. Hair will stick on the gloves. Clean the gloves after use.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Pet Hair from Carpets and Floors

A cat or a dog has hair that accumulates very quickly especially on sofas, carpets, and floors. The hair that usually holds on the carpets holds allergens and dust that can make you at risk of contracting diseases. Purchasing a smart vacuum cleaner will be the best option. Machines like Robot Vacuums are automatic and does the cleaning without depending on you and are designed to pick up pet hair. If you have a pet, a smart vacuum cleaner can be a great convenience.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Pet Hair from Clothes

Sometimes pets’ hair embeds into our clothing fibers. You can use a sticky lint roller since they are more efficient than a lint brush. Wrap an adhesive tape around your palm and dab the tape at your clothes to remove the pet hair. If hair is more than expected, use the glove method and finish with the lint roller.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner


Pets are part of our families but when it comes to pet hair, cleaning our homes every time can be a very big issue for some people. The type of food that our pets’ eat determines the quality of the coat and how often they shed their hair. It is therefore important to control our pet’s diet each day to improve the health of their coats and reduce the shedding of hair in our homes.



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