Protective Gears That You Should Have During COVID-19 Epidemic


Life is very unpredictable and full of surprises, you never know what tomorrow holds for you and that’s why during epidemic like coronavirus, it’s very good to have protective gear with you. As much as it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure safety to citizens during the epidemic, it’s good to take personal responsibility of yourself. The following protective gears are very crucial.

Disposable Face Mask

Disposable Face Mask

During an outbreak of an infectious airborne disease, breathing in air contaminated with throat or nasal secretions can infect you too. Since you cannot avoid breathing, disposable face mask comes in handy in curbing the spread because they act as a shield. Ensure you cover your mouth and nose properly. When the mask is damp, remove it from behind without touching the front of the mask and discard it immediately in a closed bin. Don’t re-use your mask.

Disposable Face Mask

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer.

Hands are one of the common ways that the virus spreads from one person to another. Whenever your hands come into contact with droplets containing virus-like components, like in the case of coronavirus which you can be collected either when shaking hands, after blowing your nose and sneezing, public transport, and other public spaces, most often you will touch your face and infect yourself.  Since it’s not possible to access running water always, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is convenient to prevent contracting infections both in the house and outside.

 Hand Sanitizer

Disposable Gloves

During an epidemic, hand hygiene is very important in reducing the risk of being infected. Considering the fact that you can at some point come into contact with a contaminated surface, disposable gloves can help avoid coming into direct contact with these surfaces since they prevent cross-contamination between your hands and droplets containing the virus. When removing these gloves, avoid any contact between the used side and your hands. Dispose of immediately in a closed bin.

Disposable Gloves

Digital Forehead Thermometer

One of the first or early symptoms of an infection like in the case of coronavirus is a rise in body temperature. Having a personal forehead thermometer is of great advantage to you since you can easily know when you have a fever and seek medical attention. You can also use it to check the temperature of any visitor.

 Forehead Thermometer

As much as you have all these personal protective equipment, avoid crowded places, keep safe distance whenever you are out in public and practice respiratory hygiene. Safety starts with me and you.




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