Products for Watering Your Plants


Watering the plants is a routine for most of the gardeners. If you got no time to spare, you should better not to plant some greens, since you might just leave them to die eventually. As far as I am concerned, watering could be simple and could save you lots of time, if you got this in the right way. And to help you with watering, here are some products that you might need.

Retro Sprinkling Can

240ml Retro Hand Pressure Glass Spray Bottle Garden Plant Watering Can Tool

This one is a little bottle for spraying water. The nozzle is made of PVC in bronze, and the bottle is made of transparent glass in attractive color. If you have some flowerpots at home, you could take this home for daily watering, which is totally enough for you.

Check Here: Retro Sprinkling Can

Garden Brass Spray Nozzle

4 Hole Brass Spray Nozzle Garden Sprinklers Irrigation Fitting

The brass spray nozzle for sprinkling is brand new and of high quality, which could cover area that is large enough of spraying pesticide. In general, this one is for watering your garden, but it could be used to reduce the temperature around quickly.

Check Here: Garden Brass Spray Nozzle

Expandable Garden Water Hose

25 50 75 100FT Flexible Expandable Garden Water Hose Sets EU/US Standard

This flexible expandable garden water hose is made of rubber sack and polyester fabric. And the nozzle is made of plastic in blue and black. There are different lengths of the water hose set for you to choose, 2.5m, 5m, 7.5m, and 10m. Based on your need, you could choose different lengths.

Check Here: Expandable Garden Water Hose

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