Portable Electric Blender Juicers Promise You A Healthy Life Easily


Everyone is all about healthy living these days. The more organic your meals and beverages are the better. So if your one of those who put a lot of emphasis on eating and drinking healthy, then your kitchen won’t be complete without an effective juicer or blender for making your fruit and vegetable smoothies. This article will review two of the best portable electric juicers on the market right now. The two juicers are the Digoo blender and the Xiaomi Mi home juicers.


This blender is USB rechargeable and contains a built-in 2600mah Li-on rechargeable battery. This juicer blender is portable and can easily be charged through its USB port. It is extremely convenient as well as very easy to clean. Make your favorite juice blend literally anywhere in a matter of seconds.

Its fashion design entails a skid-proof and water-proof cup base which has power lighting instructions that are somewhat hidden. Its lightweight and compact features make it perfect for carrying it along with you to work, the gym, college, and many more places. More importantly, it effortlessly pulverizes vegetables, fruits, protein shakes and super foods within approximately thirty seconds.

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digoo blender


This portable fruit juicer blender comes with a six hundred and three hundred ml 220v cups. It contains a triple lock design with easy installation procedures away from the liquid seepage and loose cup. It also has a unique interface protection feature that ensures safety by automatically restricting the blender from working whenever the cup is attached midway or not attached at all

It also happens to be very convenient and very easy to clean as well, making its maintenance a breeze. Its portability makes it easy for you to carry and go with anywhere at anytime. It has a full cut bevel, stainless steel design with anti-finger processing and brushed metal technology. Its nonslip metal buttons enhance its general appearance as well as highlighting its exquisiteness. The silicone-based shock absorption cup firmly holds the top together and helps with noise reduction while the blender is running.

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Xiaomi Mi Home

All in all, if your one that loves healthy living then you must consider adding a juicer blender to your list of kitchen accessories. A portable electric juicer blender would be an ideal start and they don’t come better than the Digoo blender and Xiaomi Mi Home juicers. Get one of the two today. You certainly will not regret it, so get to juicing!




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