Portable Coffee Capsule Machine for Coffee Lover


My boyfriend is a big fan of coffee. As we are on a date, a cup of America coffee is a must-have for him. And sometimes, he loves to order a shot of espresso for the bitter taste. I couldn’t stand this. Although I am not much into coffee, I do love the smell of the coffee and know about the benefits of drinking it. And as a gift for my sweet boyfriend, here is the portable coffee capsule machine.

portable coffee maker

As the package arrives, there are a coffee maker, a capsule accessory, a coffee base, a powder cup, a brewing sealing ring, and a filter in the package, which also means that I have to buy the coffee powder according to my boyfriend’s flavor.

You can tell from the video above that this amazing portable coffee maker is simple to use. Before enjoy your espresso, what you need to do is to get the coffee powder, hot water and this portable coffee capsule machine ready. And it’s kind of surprise that the espresso from this simple coffee capsule machine could have wonderful creamy cream. And I couldn’t wait to show my boyfriend. He does love this gadget, since he can barely tell the good from the bad coffee. I am happy that I do find something he needs and loves.

mini coffee machine

coffee machine

capsule coffee maker

As for people who love to have a cup of coffee anytime they need and are not too critical, this one is absolutely the perfect choice for them. Now, it’s time for you to shop online and get one of those portable coffee makers. If you love the coffee, and want to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you want, like placing it on the clip cup holder in coffee, this one might be your ideal choice.

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