Pillows or Pillow Cases You Would Adore


Throw pillows and cushions could give me wonderful night as watching the TV or movies. If you feel the same as I do, you should get some soft throw pillows home. And as far as I am concerned, it is also a way of decorating your home to go. And here are some options for you to choose from Banggood.com.

car cushion cover

Butterfly Print Pillow Case Cotton Line Home Office Car Cushion Cover

This is a cushion cover with butterflies on it, and it’s made of cotton linen material, which is really durable. And this durable and eco-friendly material is quite easy to clean with simple steps.

Check Here: Car Cushion Cover

Letters Linen Pillow Case

Letters Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case Square Waist Sofa Bed Cushion Cover Home Decor

Amazing letters linen pillow! If you are crazy about the punk style decoration, this one would meet your need certainly.

Check Here: Letters Linen Pillow Case

Ginkgo Wood Shaped Cushion

39cm 3D Novelty Ginkgo Tree Wood Cushion Stump Log Throw Pillow Home Office Car Soft Decor

As for decorating, this one is retro in the shape of ginkgo tree wood. It could not only be the creative decoration of the modern home, but also be the suitable decoration of the home in rustic style.

Check Here: Ginkgo Wood Shaped Cushion

bed chair pillow

Plush Foam Funny Expression Rage Comic Throw Pillow Bed Chair Cushion

Those expressions are quite hit in China from Rage Comic, which is kind of fun with those ridiculous expression. And these throw pillows are made for fun somehow.

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