Orvibo Smart Home Products are Amazingly Useful


Smart home products have been caught fire for a long time, and there are lots of smart home products that could make the life better than. And the Orvibo has been trying their best to produce wonderful and useful product for each family. And here are some products that they produced that I thought it’s amazingly useful.

orvibo coco


ORVIBO COCO USB WiFi Smart Home Extension Sockets Switches Remote Control Timing Plug Power Strip

Orvibo COCO smart power strip features with USB plus power outlets, which will satisfy most of your needs. And this newest arrival of Orvibo could be remote controlled though WiFi, and it could be set in advance. For your safety, it has overload protection. And it’s really durable.

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orvibo smart hub


ORVIBO VS10ZW Alarm Mini WiFi Smart Kit ZigBee Hub Home System Remote Control

ZigBee is stable and reliable. Automatically search ZigBee devices and automatic networking. Support two-way feedback in real time. Users know the status of light, curtains, windows, doors and sensors in real time. Support local and remote control, Lighting, air conditioners, TV, curtains, screen and other home appliances can be controlled in the local and remote.

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orvibo wifi power socket


ORVIBO WiWo-S20 Wi-Fi Smart Home Remote Control Timing Timer Socket Power Plug Switch

It supports WiFi network and phone data control. And it looks quite fashionable in white. This one

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