Now It’s Time for A Better Filter Pitcher


You might be looking for a pitcher to keep your water, and there are so many different types of pitcher in different textures, like glass and plastic. However, do you know that there are also some pitchers have multiple functions to meet your need? I got this VIOMI MH1Z-A from Xiaomi for you. This one is perfectly made for your healthy life. This one looks totally traditional as the others, which have a body in transparent plastic texture and have a black filter and lid.


Why I said it was made for your healthy life? Because it does great to make sure the water you drink is completely safe. How does this work? It has UV light sterilization, which means it will sterilize the water by killing the bacteria of the water. As the UV light sterilization is low energy consumption, it’s perfect to have a filter pitcher like this.



And you don’t have to worry about the residual chlorine, since this one just got you covered with the filtration it has. The filtration would reduce not only the residual chlorine, but also scale deposit and heavy metal elements. As the filtration has its service life, which is about 6 weeks, you might need to change it regularly. I think it might be one of the cons this electric filter kettle has.


It’s made of AS and ABS material, which means there is no BPA, which would do harm to your health. As far as I am concerned, the material of the filter pitcher is the factor that I value the most.


It’s simple to get this one and use it. If you do need a new jug or pitcher, you should probably take this one into account, as it has multiple functions to make sure the safety of drinking water. It’s worth trying.

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