A New Way of Measuring Blood Sugar


Most of the diabetics will be not familiar with the terms blood glucose level. In literal, it is the amount of glucose in the blood of humans other animals.  The lowest blood glucose level will appear in the morning before your first meal of the day and will rise after meals for an hour or two hours by a few millimoles.

Xiaomi Glucometer

Generally speaking, the blood sugar of a normal people will be at around 4-8mmol/L. Once it is outside the normal range, it indicates that you need medical condition.Whether it is hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, both of them will have a bad influence on our health. The diseases caused by the abnormal blood glucose level are included diabetes mellitus. hyperthyroidism, insulinoma and so on. Among them, diabetes mellitus is the most common-seen one that happens to people around us.

Xiaomi Intelligent Glucometer

According to the Global Diabetes Statistics, there are about 415 million adults who have diabetes in the world. So we have to pay more attention to our blood sugar levels in order to take care of the health of us and our families. But, testing our blood glucose level in a traditional way may need a series of complicated medical instruments. So, people with an illness related to blood glucose level usually cannot check it by themselves anytime anywhere. What’s worse, it also takes them a long time to know the test result, which also brings inconvenience to tracking their body condition.

Xiaomi Glucose Meter

However, due to the development of science and technology, the more convenient and effective device, Xiaomi Intelligent Glucometer has been shown to us. It can allow you to finish measurement, interpreting the result, saving the record to the cloud as well as generate trend analysis chart automatically, which help you track your health quickly anywhere. Once there is an abnormal result, it will send the alarm to your relatives so the patient can accept the medical treatment in time. With the measurement accuracy certified by CFDA, FDA, and CE, fasting blood glucose measurement can be very close or equal to biochemical tests. Coming with innovative technology and convenient user-experience, Xiaomi Glucometer has won three International awards including the Reddot, iF and CES.

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