New Product From Xiaomi: The Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Recently, Xiaomi company which has done well in manufacturing smart robot vacuum cleaners has released another smart robot vacuum: Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum cleaner which is an ideal fit for your home or office. It has an attractive design and is capable of cleaning your carpets, rugs, and floors. It is a new product in the market and has received good reviews from critics and consumers. This appliance is your intelligent housekeeping assistant. Read on to discover much more about it.

XiaoWa Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Features of this robot vacuum cleaner

Easy to use

I was very satisfied with the cleaning services provided by this automatic vacuum cleaner. Firstly, it was compact and has a nice design. It is smooth to touch and light as well. The controls are very easy to understand. After I turned it on, it was easy to set it up for cleaning.

XiaoWa Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Strong suction power

The Xiaomi Xiaowa robot vacuum cleaner has strong suction power. It is fitted with a suction section that has a power rating of 1600P. Furthermore, it’s dust box has a high capacity of 640ml. As a result, it cleaned up my home for many days without requiring me to empty it. This resulted in a very convenient experience.

	Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum

Ample climbing ability

I was pleased to see that the XiaoWa Robot Vacuum Cleaner can climb up over obstacles as it cleans. It can handle obstacles on the path that is up to 2cm tall. As such, it can clean up even the raised sections of my carpet quite easily.

	Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum

Automatic charge control

When this robotic vacuum cleaner was working on my house, I noticed that it would automatically return to the charging hub whenever its battery ran low. This was a very interesting feature which saved me the effort of having to charge it manually. It is an intelligent appliance which can perform power management on its own.

XiaoWa Robot Vacuum

Compatible with an application

I can control the Xiaowa robotic vacuum cleaner with a special application in my smartphone. This application allows me to control its functions and schedule remotely. I can even program it to start or stop vacuuming even when I am away. Furthermore, the application allows me to check on the unit’s battery status at any time.



The Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to keep your home clean. It uses a smart algorithm to learn the size and shape of a room. With this information, it can clean up your house effectively. The robot vacuum cleaner is available for purchase online.



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