New Arrival! XiaoMi Digital Smart Scale for Healthy Life You Need


Body scale helps us to monitor our weight as we are managing it. Now, there are smart scales to give more helps. What is a smart scale? It’s basically an electronic bathroom scale that could not only show your weight but also recording it on your cellphone. Today, we got this XiaoMi digital smart scale for you.

XiaoMi Digital Smart Scale-3

As the other smart home products from XiaoMi, this one is also in modern solid white, which looks kinds of fashionable for using at home. It’s taking form of a glass-topped square base with the curved corners, which might be the reason why it looks wonderful. However, according to the official introduction from XiaoMi, this digital smart scale is totally weighed 1.9kg, and the glass do occupy a large proportion.

XiaoMi Digital Smart Scale

The back of the scale is made of ABS, which is better in waterproof. In view of that, XiaoMi has taken your need into consideration, since you might love to measure your weight in bathroom. Water resistant would be significant.

It’s super easy to use. Down load the app, and step on the scale. And then the scale will connect y our smartphone automatically. And the digital LED screen is smart too, as it could adjust itself automatically. However, I don’t think it’s kind of clear to see the number under bright light. But it’s okay that, most of us we would love to use it in bathroom.


As the function of the digital smart scale, I have to say that it’s just a smart scale, which might not meet your multiple needs, because it only provides you the weight. As you enter your height into the app, you could figure out your BMI.


So, do you think it could help you better?

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