All You Need to Know About Storm Glass


Stormglass is a weather-predicting instrument that’s been around for close to two centuries now. Its invention is still shrouded in mystery, just as glass itself, but they became so popular in the mid-1700s after Admiral Robert Fitzroy took a stab at documenting their use.

weather predicting storm glass

The instrument has undergone a series of minor modifications over the years to become even more effective at predicting the weather now than it was a century ago.

Mostly, the instrument is nothing more than a sealed transparent glass containing a special liquid that crystallizes with weather changes.

weather predicting storm glass

How a Storm Glass Works

Initially, storm glasses were used to measure barometric pressure, which they could use to make near accurate weather predictions. However, modern storm glasses have undergone a series of modifications and improvement over the years to be even more accurate at predicting the weather now than ever before.


The liquid ingredients used in storm glasses tend to vary, but most of the time you can expect to find ethanol, ammonium chloride, distilled water, camphor, and potassium nitrate. Keep in mind that some of these chemicals are extremely hard to come by nowadays. So expect to have them substituted with something else in other storm glasses.


weather predicting storm glass

Why You Should Buy a Storm Glass

Do you consider yourself a weather enthusiast? Get the device and use it to forecast the local weather. Works even better when used with a weather station, albeit it can still serve as a perfect substitute to a weather station.

weather predicting storm glass

Besides, storms glasses are fun instruments and may form a great conversational piece when around friends. For instance, you can talk about its history, how it works and how accurate they are at predicting the weather. They can also pass as a perfect gift to get a friend.

weather predicting storm glass


Why Choose Tempo Weather Predicting Storm Glass

Not all storm glasses are the same. But core to everything you have to consider while choosing a great piece of the device is its aesthetic appeal.


It’s also crucial that you consider looking at what other customers have to say about it. The device you buy also has to fit the description it’s tagged with. A better choice of a storm glass would also be one that’s considered a great conversation starter.

weather predicting storm glass

Tempo Weather Predicting Storm Glass happens to be among the few storm glasses on the market that snugly fits the bill.


Its crystal sculpture makes it one of the most attractive weather predicting device to add to your weather station or to place it somewhere in your living room as home decor and conversation starter.


Even better, the storm glass is also more reliable at predicting the weather than your local weather forecaster.

weather predicting storm glass

The Wrap

If you’re stuck on which storm glass to buy, pick the Tempo Weather Storm Glass, and you’re guaranteed nothing will go wrong. In addition to the beautiful sculpture, you’ll also be getting a meteorologist you can rely on.

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