Why you need to get yourself an Xiaomi Hot Pot?


Electric hot pots lie somewhere in between electric kettles and fondue pots and use very similar heating elements. One of the major differences, however, between electric kettles and electric hot pots is that you can cook food in the later. Hot pots vary in sizes and can be used to prepare a wide range of meat and vegetable delicacies. Some hot pots even include features that blur the line between hot pots and electric grills or skillets.

Xiaomi Household Hot Pot

When looking to buy a new electric hot pot, there are certain features that you should be on the lookout for. You should look at the size you want, the versatility of the pot and the user-friendliness of the heating functions. There are currently many brands in the market and some stand out more than others. One example of a brand that is creating great quality products when it comes to kitchenware is Xiaomi. When it comes to electric hot pots, the Xiaomi Mihome 4L Household Electric Hot-Pot outdoes most of the competition.

Xiaomi Household Hot Pot

Features of the Xiaomi Household Hot Pot

  • This hot pot has a 4-liter cooking capacity which can easily serve a family of 4 to 6 people. It weighs around 4kg which is not bad if you intend to use it around the kitchen or house.


  • The cooking pot has a high-grade non-stick coating which ensures that your food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the hot pot when cooking. A non-stick pan is also easy to clean, odorless and reduces the amount of fat you will need to use when cooking.

Xiaomi Hot Pot

  • The Xiaomi Hot Pot consists of a 1500w u-shaped heating pipe which delivers quick and adequate firepower for cooking. The heating pipe is also positioned in such a way that it allows for even heating.


  • Similar to a gas burner theXiaomi Electric Hot Pot has controls that can be adjusted for simmering, frying, warming food, steaming and grilling.

Xiaomi Hot Pot

Design of the hot pot

  • To help give the user a better cooking experience, the hot pot has a visual glass lid that allows monitoring. Coming with an anti-scalloped handle so it will be easy for you to handle it.


  • Xiaomi innovation team takes everythinginto considerations when they were designing the products.Xiaomi hot pot is designed with an anti-slip mat which is used to serve food, especially on a dining table. To prevent overflow while cooking, it comes with a breathable hole which is very useful when simmering or boiling your food.

Xiaomi Hot Pot

  • To prevent any accidental electrical shocks, the hot pot has a nifty waterproof plug. The cord can also be unplugged from the unit so you can serve your food without it dangling from the table.


  • To increase the durability of the appliance, the hot pot incorporates an all-metal body design that is high strength and corrosion resistant.



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