Must-have Xiaomi Products When You Go Out in Summer


Every year we wait impatiently for the summer. Sun, light cloakroom and a cold drink. Sun, light wardrobe and a cold drink are what we are looking forward to. Various accessories complete the summer styling. Except that you will look great, with a couple of little things, you can feel great. Xiaomi took care of the accessories that you must have when you go out.



We like to spend time outdoors in summer, but too hot weather can cause a real problem, so it’s good to have something that will help us cool at any time.

Xiaomi travel portable mini fan will make hot days and warm nights much more pleasant. Since it comes in three colors, it will definitely fit great in your style. Xiaomi portable fan has three speeds to meet your different needs. It doesn’t make noise, with ergonomic shape handle and very easy to carry, this fun portable fan will become inseparable friend whenever you go out in summer. Xiaomi portable fan will make you feel comfortable and with it, you can completely enjoy your favorite season.

Xiaomi portable fan

The sun’s light can bother and cause a damage to our eyesight. Without sunglasses, we should never go out.

Xiaomi also took care of that. With Xiaomi sunglasses you will look modern and you will be protected. It has UV 400 protection, stainless steel, dustproof and windproof glasses. This sunglasses have a very modern design, and they are suitable for driving, hiking, fishing, and climbing. Xiaomi sunglasses fit different faces and they are very comfortable. Stylish sunglasses that will make you notice wherever you are. You will be both and protected and trendy.



The weather is very variable in the summer. Summer rains should not surprise us, so we must always be ready for unexpected situations.

Xiaomi automatic folding umbrella is an accessory that you always have to carry when you go out. It is very strong and durable. Fabrics coating will effectively block the harmful ultraviolet rays and do achieve UV protection. It is made of quality materials, of fiberglass and aluminum, it has a high corrosion resistance and safety anti-rebound structure. If you gently shake your Xiaomi umbrella after a heavy rain, the rainwater will be moved very easily. It has superior shielding and heat insulation. This umbrella will make you more elegant and beautiful and at the same time you will be safe and stay dry. Do not go out without Xiaomi umbrella.




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