The Must-Have for Traveling


Traveling may be the first and best choice for many people when comes to vacation or leisure activity. However, before you enjoy the fun and joy of traveling, you need to make a full and sound preparation to guarantee your traveling safety and comfort. Then do you understand what you exactly need to have?

First umbrella is necessary to avoid the sudden change in weather. You nearly spend most of your time outdoors when you take your trip, an umbrella could protect you from the rain while at the same time it’s an excellent suncare product.

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Wet tissue is also what I recommend to take with you, for you could use it for disinfecting your hands when there is no faucets or water source for cleaning. And you could also use it to substitute towel when you camp outdoors.

Valid documentation should be the most important thing when you travel elsewhere. You will need it when you check in the hotel or confront some unexpected situation. Always remember that safety is the most significant thing when you go outside.

Actually in my opinion, I prefer to take my toiletries with me when I go travel. First I am not used to the toothbrush and toothpaste provided in hotel, and I always worry about whether they are clean or not. Moreover I think this will be more environmental-friendly. But you should use toothbrush box to store your toothbrush instead of just putting it into a plastic bag.

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Chargers especially your mobile phone charger should be carried as well. You could communicate with your families and friends and you could ask for help successfully once you confront with any dangers, but the premise is that your mobile phone still works.

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Flashlight and batteries are the must-have for those who like camping and traveling in the night. Except for lighting, flashlight could make sos signals once you meet dangers. However this must be supported by enough batteries, thus batteries should be prepared for emergency.

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You’d better prepared some food with you for emergency. Of course it’s unnecessary if you are not going to visit some dangerous places or act alone. Compressed biscuit will be a good option.

Medicine is what you should take as well, as I’ve mentioned above, safety is always the most crucial thing, keep yourself healthy is also a part of your safety. Insect bite and diarrhea are the most common problem during traveling, medicine could help release your discomfort when you sick. But you’d better see the doctor if you suffer from some serious illness.

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