A Must-Have that You Can’t Miss in Your Halloween Party


Halloween, also known as Halloween’s Eve is one of the most traditional festivals in western country. Every year, it will be greatly celebrated on 31st October by trick-or-treating, costume parties, making, jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, divination, apple bobbing and so on.

LED magic ball lightBut when it comes to Halloween, the party must be the most welcomed part especially for young people. In the Halloween party, people dress up themselves as all kinds of devils such as Vampire, Wizard, Ghost, Witch, Skeleton, etc and enjoy more fun in all kinds of wonderful activities. However, a party can not go successful without wonderful party light. So the party light is a must-have to ignite the atmosphere of the party. LED Magic Ball Light which is designed to five kinds of colored light can satisfy your need for different kinds of party.

LED magic ball light


LED magic ball light is designed with three modes including auto-mode, sound-mode and music-mode, which can satisfy your different need. For example, when you play music in the Halloween party, you can turn it to the music mode so that its color can change by following the beat of the music so as to build up the atmosphere of the party.


LED Crystal Magic Ball Light

LED Crystal Magic Ball Light is designed to be portable so you can carry it everywhere. So whether you are going to hold a party in outdoor or indoor, you can also use it build up the atmosphere of the party, letting you enjoy limitless pleasure in the party.

LED Crystal Magic Ball Light

More than that, although it is kept using for a long time, it still won’t produce too much heat so it is also safe. And it is also a power-saving one so you do not need to worry that a long Halloween party will lead to a great consumption of power.  With plenty of advantages, LED magic ball light is also very easy to install so it can help you ignite the atmosphere of your Halloween party easily.

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