Mother’s day will be coming soon, come here and choose some useful gifts to reward her


Banggood had processed the Mother’s day promotion recently. Have you chosen the gift for your mom already? Although many countries celebrate the mother’s Day on different day, most of the countries such as Denmark,Finland, Italy ,Turkey, Australia and Belgium celebrate the Mother’s Day on the second Saturday of May.

With saying the warm and beautiful words to mom, let’s choose a useful gift to reward her to celebrate the day:

XiaoMi Home SCISHARE Coffee Machine

Many people like drinking the coffee, but grinding coffee waste too much time and the labor.  The instant coffee taste not good, so this kind of coffee machine has been the first choice. Capsule coffee machine‘s convenience and the advantages of the original flavor is fond by consumers. The operation is easy and can be compatible with a variety of coffee beans. So for deducting the time for mom to make the breakfast, why not choose this kind of coffee machine to give her an active morning?

BlitzWolf® BW-XRC600 Smart Robot Cleaner

Are you annoyed for sweeping the floor? My mom is very s  trict for cleaning the floor that she needs to sweep it every day to make sure the floor is spotless. But now we have Smart Robot Cleaner, which can help our mom reduce the burden on the housekeeping and make the home clean as well.

Digoo KC-S1 Electronic Mini Kitchen Scale

Large and high definition back light LCD display screen is easy to be read in the dark.  And it also has sensitive touch sensor buttons to help you to enjoy a modern life. Mini but delicate Digoo KC-S1 kitchen scale is small in size but convenient in use. You don’t need a large scale in your kitchen because there is no more space to waste by a giant scale, and as we all agree that we do need high precision and useful scales in our kitchen work every day.

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