Most Romantic Decorating Ideas Ever: Starry Starry Home


When you look up to the sky, do you feel like being attracted by those shiny stars? It’s kind of amazing when I look up to the sky, it makes me feel kind of relaxing and super beautiful. And I bet that it might cross your mind that decorating your home with starry ideas. So, it seems that you need some idea to make it perfect.

star projector

Amazing Sky Star Cosmos Laser Projector Lamp Night Light

A star projector and some start light strings are perfect for the starry feeling in the darkness. To light up your room might be a perfect idea. As long as you turn on the lights, the room shows its special feeling immediately.

Check here: Star Projector

moon and star bedding

KCASA KC-BS20 4pcs Bedding Suit Polyester Fibre Star Moon Reactive Printed Bedding Sets

How about the bedding set with stars? This bedding set looks beautiful with those stars and moons on it, and it’s comfortable for touch also.

Check here: Moon and Star Bedding

 glow in the dark stars

3cm 100PCS Fluorescent Glow Star Wall Sticker

Actually, I have my room decorated with star wall stickers that will glow in the dark a few years ago. And they still glow beautifully today. It would be wonderful if you stick them to your walls.

Check here: Glow in the Dark Stars

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