Miraculous insecticide chalk, where to buy


Also known as ant chalk or the Chinese chalk, ‘miraculous insecticide chalk’ is an insecticide that comes in form of the normal chalk. The insecticide contains cypermethrin and deltamethrin pesticides. This insecticide is very effective. It kills ants, cockroaches, flea, lice and many more. When the insects touches the chalk with any part of its body, its nervous system breaks down, where it later dies within 3-10 hours. Therefore, if you are one of those individuals whose home have been heavily infected with insects, consider buying this insecticide – it will work magic for your home. After buying, here is some tips on how to use it to avoid contamination:

Miraculous insecticide chalk, where to buy

How to use

  • The insecticide is much more efficient when used at night. So, draw multiple parallel lines, which are 2-3 cm apart across the track where the insect passes or around their hiding places.
  • Maybe apply the insecticide around the food cabinet or the garbage bin as bait. This are the most infected areas, and by applying the chalk in these areas, it will kill majority of the insects. In your home.

There has been a number of complaints against these pesticide, where some have been saying that it s dangerous to the children, or the children could mistake it for normal chalk, but the truth is, this insecticide is very effective. It kills the insects instantly, and that’s what people want. Now, these issues about it affecting the children is something that can be easily solved, just keep it out of reach from the children. Also, apply it in hidden places. Don’t apply it in open places where the children plays.

Where to buy

If you wish to purchase this insecticide, head out to Banggood.com and get as much as you want. You see, as much as the insecticide is said to be harmful to children, more and more people who have used it are continuing to recommend it, saying that it has been effective in eliminating insects in their homes. With that, you shouldn’t hesitate to order it. If you don’t have children around and have insect terrorizing you everywhere, then all the reason for you to head into Banggood.com and get the ant chalk.

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