MIPOW BTL-301W Smart Light review


MIPOW BTL-301WIn the society of rapid development of technology, everything is growing smarter and smarter. Of course, there is no exception for light. Now, you can control your smart light with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet and some of them even can bring you different visual experience. Besides, the top advantage of smart light is that in general, it is more energy saving than a traditional light. However, although so many options have been flooding on the smart light market, their price still keeps at a high level. MIPOW, as a smart manufacturer, have provided you with wonderful smart light-MIPOW BTL-301W smart light which only costs $62.66. I think you may find it amazing. Now let me make a detailed for you.

MIPOW BTL-301W1. Smart control

MIPOW BTL-301W smart light can support remote Bluetooth control and App control. So you can control it by just tapping on your phone. App can be downloaded from Google play store and App store for free. With a free downloadable app from Google play store or App store, you can effectively manage all color management options, brightness options and schedule the on and off timings.

MIPOW BTL-301W2. Motion Sensor Control

The lamp is made of real glass with a high-touch shell, which allows you to change its color just pat the ball. What’ s more, many kinds of colors have been provided for you to choose so you can create different kinds of atmosphere around your home by changing its colors.

PLAYBULB Sphere Smart Light

  1. Portable

PLAYBULB Sphere Smart Light comes with an inbuilt battery (700mAh Li-polymer) which holds power for up to 8 hours when fully charged. This allows you to move your light lamp everywhere you want comfortably. That’s not all; the light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting giving you the freedom to use it wherever you want.

MIPOW BTL-301W4. Great home décor

PLAYBULB Sphere Smart Light is a perfect centerpiece for your home décor. The lamp is made of real glass with its shell having a great feel, touch and finish to give your home an excellent ambiance all the time. For smart lighting experience, the sphere is made of water-resistant materials to provide ultimate experience that meets all your lighting needs. With high IP65 water resistance and dust proof levels, the sphere allows the use of the lamp in wet and dusty areas.

MIPOW BTL-301W5. Extreme compatibility

The smart light gives a super compatibility with android phones with 4.0 operating systems, all third-generation iPad tablets and above, all iPhone 4S and above. This gives you the power to efficiently synchronize your lamp with your device for better performance and management.


6. Lightweight

The lighting bulb weighs 1170g which makes it easy for you to move it around with ease. With a 33ft wireless range, you can comfortably control your lamp and configure it to suit your preferences.


Light from Banggood is the perfect way to decorate your home. The lighting lamp is made of quality material to withstand the test of time while meeting all your lighting needs. Get yours today and lower your energy bills.










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