Mini Humidifiers From Xiaomi is Your Best Bet


Generally, most people don’t realize how important humidity can be in their lives. Maintaining proper moisture levels can create a comfortable environment while help ward of dry skin and coughing. In some locations in the world you will find that a humidifier is more of needed than wanted, however, this usually depends on the particular season they are experiencing. The top choice brand in today’s mini humidifier market is the Xiaomi humidifier. Let’s take a quick look at two of their more popular products

Xiaomi Ultrasonic Humidifier


This essential oils aromatherapy ultrasonic humidifier helps soothe nerves, eliminate bad or unwanted smells in the room it’s in and reduces dust. This Xiaomi ultrasonic humidifier contains a two hundred ml built-in water tank with a fog duration of about six hours when essential aromatherapy oils are added to the water. Using the intermittent fog mode will ensure the fog lasts about twelve hours or so. The three timing gear features can be set to run for either one, three or five hours. Once the water is done in the tank the device will automatically shut itself off and completely shut down.

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mini humidifier



This Xiaomi humidifier is quite impressive. It effectively provides fresh and healthy air for you whenever it’s on. The UV-CCL UV lamp adopted in this product is what helps release fresh air and kill bacteria in the room’s atmosphere. The high-frequency disc it has moisturizes our  skin perfectly. it is manufactured with ABS antibacterial material and its upper water injection feature is super convenient and very easy to use. It has a 3.5l water tank capacity with an average usage time of around sixteen hours or so.

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xiaomi humidifier

There are several reasons for why using an ultrasonic mini humidifier is the top choice when looking for humidifiers and why the can be very beneficial in your life. One of the greatest reason being that this type of mini humidifier does not require the use of fans. This, in turn, makes them extremely quiet when active which is perfect for those times when you want to leave it running all through the night in your bedroom.

Also, its ultrasonic nature encourages low maintenance costs which make it quite simple and easy to maintain. Being that the device is ultrasonic, you will not need to keep cleaning pans, changing bulbs and constantly replacing canisters. How awesome is that!  So if you don’t have one of these just yet, get yours today. You will not regret it!

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