Vacuum cleaners have made considerable progress since their advent. The Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner was released at the ongoing Mi Fans Festival and followed the smash-hit Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. The Mijia 1S accompanies a few significant redesigns like better route, voice control, more impressive attractions, etc.

Apart from being a significant addition to your home, the robot vacuum cleaner gives you more time to do the things you enjoy, like spending more time with family. Unfortunately, these devices are expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Mijia 1S Robot vacuum cleaner


All Xiaomi’s smart vacuum cleaners look fundamentally the same as this is the case, not just for Xiaomi. Most smart vacuum cleaners resemble the other the same. The Mijia 1S comes in the standard round shape with negligible controls on its surface. On the Mijia 1S, you will discover the on/off catch and the home catch. The robot is made in exemplary clean white with a little red highlight around the vacuum’s “tower” that houses the as good as ever Laser Distance Sensor.

Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner

The Mijia 1S robot vacuum is very compact, measuring just 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.78 inches and weighs under four kilos.


The Mijia 1S accompanies an improved Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) and upgraded route algorithms. This lets the vacuum make progressively precise guides of the cleaning territory just as design and recall the most limited cleaning courses in your home. This spares the robot much time precisely as battery power as the 1S won’t go over similar territories twice. As indicated by Xiaomi, this has improved the robot’s cleaning effectiveness by 13% contrasted with the past model.

Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner

The 1S highlights extra sensors that help it “discover its way” around the “entangled” territories at your home like corners, staircases, carpets, furniture, and so on.


The Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner features 2000 Pa of pull power, and this makes it a genuine trash destroying machine. This is one of the most remarkable savvy robots available — and the Mijia 1S will have the option to get even the smallest residue particles as well as pet hair. This will be a much refreshing component by anybody experiencing allergies, chronic coughs, breathing issues, and so on.

The smart robot accompanies a conventionally measured dust collector — 0.42 litres. However, there is no wiping option, one of the most disappointing parts of the 1S.


You can without much of a stretch control the Mijia 1S through the committed Mijia application. Here, you will have the option to dole out cleaning regions and cleaning times, check the robot’s guides and courses, and so on.

An exciting new choice is the capacity to control the robot using a Xiaomi AI speaker. The two gadgets should be associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization. At that point, you will have the option to provide out voice command to the Xiao Ai aide saying something like “Xiao Ai, clear the floor” or “Xiao Ai, return home to charge.” There is a significant catch, however. Now, the two gadgets support the Chinese language — and keeping in mind that English is standard in the future, you should ace some fundamental vacuum cleaner orders in Chinese if you need to utilize the speaker control choice now.


The Mijia 1S accompanies the 5200mAh battery, sufficient to permit the vacuum to proficiently clean a zone of 250 square meters or 2.5 long periods of cleaning. When the vacuum’s charge is lower than 20%, it will consequently come back to its charging dock and charge until the battery is 80% full.

Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner


The Xiaomi Mijia 1S is a compelling robot vacuum cleaner that brags an amazing exhibit feature. It utilizes a two-dimensional guide, alongside a visual sensor to get picture highlight focuses for upgraded map dependability and exactness. The robot uses a dream sensor that empowers it to see the home scene. Visit Banggood.com to get this product at an affordable price.

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