What Makes Digoo SB-XYA Doorbell Better Than Digoo SB-XYZ Doorbell


Wireless doorbells have made a remarkable impact over the past few years reducing the demand for wired doorbells by a great deal. While these doorbells have an increased signal strength, they require no installation making them an easy choice for many consumers. One doorbell that is really getting the attention of many homeowners is the Digoo doorbell. The Digoo doorbell comes in two models; the Digoo SB-XYZ and the Digoo SB-XYA with the latter having a higher price but better functionality.

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So what makes the Digoo SB-XYA doorbell better than Digoo SB-XYZ doorbell?

  1. Camera resolution.

The Digoo SB-XYA has a better and higher resolution than Digoo SB-XYZ. This means that with the Digoo SB-XYA, you are going to receive clearer videos that will enable you to easily identify who is at your door. Plus it is also in full high definition which will give you better colors and view of the surrounding. The Digoo SB-XYZ has a high definition of 1280*720p. While this can be good, it is nothing compared to a resolution of full HD of 1920*1080p which the Digoo SB-XYA has. The 1920*1080 resolution will allow you to see everything on the screen at once without adjusting; the 1280*720 resolution will only allow you to view a limited area, you will need to adjust and swipe around the screen to see the other adjacent areas.

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  1. The focal length of the lenses.

The focal or focal length is the distance between the image sensor and the lens. This aspect determines how much of a scene is going to be captured. The longer the focal length, the higher the magnification. This means that with a higher focal length you can be able to zoom in and identify objects or individuals that are at a distance. The SB-XYA model has a focal length of 3.6mm while the SB-XYZ model has a focal length of 2.8mm. With the Digoo SB-XYA, you can be able to have a better view of the images coming from a far distance compared to the SB-XYZ model.

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  1. Viewing angle.

The viewing angle of the Digoo SB-XYA is 120 degrees while the SB-XYZ model has a viewing angle of 103 degrees. A higher viewing angle enables the camera to capture a wider distance. With the SB-XYA, you will be able to monitor a wider area of the surrounding.

digoo sb-xya

Most of the features of these two Digoo doorbells are the same. The only variation comes from those features mentioned above. While the Digoo SB-XYA has a better functionality and results, both of them are very effective.


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