How to Make Delicious Watermelon Juice?


Whether it is intended to quench your thirst after a day under the punishing sun or replenish your body fluids after a torturous morning working out at the gym, nobody can possibly say no to a drink of fresh watermelon juice. Watermelon juice has numerous health benefits. Some of them include: facilitating the loss of weight, providing the body with the much needed vitamin C, aiding in digestion, improved blood flow, protecting the skin from premature ageing by preventing wrinkling, providing the body with potassium and magnesium, battling inflammation, soothing constipation, improving one’s eyesight, preventing prostate cancer, hydrating the body,cleansing the kidneys and relieving muscle cramps. The following is the step-by-step guide on how to make the most delicious watermelon juice using the Xiaomi Mi Home Juicer;

Xiaomi Mi Home


  1. A fresh watermelon
  2. A lemon or lime
  3. Ginger
  4. Ice cubes
  5. Honey
  6. A mint leaf

Xiaomi Mi Home

Procedure and instructions

  1. Put the watermelon on top of a chopping board and slice it into four portions and remove all its seeds if it is not seedless.
  2. Scoop large portions of the watermelon using a spoon and cut them into even smaller portions on the chopping board. Throw away the rind.
  3. Put the chopped chunks of the watermelon into the 1 x 600 ml cup of the Xiaomi Mi Home Juicer.
  4. Slice the lemon into two and squeeze the two slices to extract its juice and add 3 tablespoons of the lemon juice into thejuicer in order to make it more delicious.Xiaomi Mi Home
  5. Grate the ginger into fine particles and add 2 teaspoons of ginger into the mixture already in the juicer.
  6. Scoop 3 teaspoons of honey and add them to the contents of the juicer. (You can use sugar of equal amounts in the case where you lack honey)
  7. Chop the mint leaf into tiny pieces and drop the mint pieces into the contents of the juicer to make the juice smell refresh.
  8. Seal the 1 x 600 ml cup of the Xiaomi Mi Home Juicer using a lid and press the power button. Blend the contents that are in the juicer until it attains smoothness.Xiaomi Mi Home
  9. Pour the juice into a clean glass stir using a spoon to properly mix its contents.
  10. Add 3 ice cubes when serving to ensure that the drink is chilled.

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